This and the other painting of the market are by Fu Xiaoshi, who is the son of one of China's most famous and revered painters, Fu Baoshi.  He is a listed artist whose paintings hang in several museums.  Here is a profile from a Chinese website:  http://en.jxwmw.cn/system/2008/08/05/010058401.shtml

A small painting of his was recently auctioned at Skinner for $2133:


These paintings flanked the desk office.  They are attractively mounted on lovely light blue silk matted scrolls.  This deceptively simple but very expressive painting of a musician is the smaller of the two - 12 x 17 inches.  The scroll is 16" x 58".Ideally I would like to sell them as a pair since they go together wonderfully.]  Fu is a modernist; but at the same time has exceptional control of the traditional brush technique, and pen and ink lines.

The price of all Chinese art, especially modern, continues to rise as the emerging wealth in China skyrockets the demand for the return of their own cultural treasures.  My price, as always, is very reasonable.  There would be a discount for anyone buying both. 



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