Jizo is a much beloved Boddhisatva in Japan, Korea, and China, who is a protector of children, women, and travelers.  For that reason you often see them placed near the road (also in gardens, and around the house).  He is also known to help those who are struggling with a life problem or physical affliction.  He is usually portrayed as a monk, in simple garb, and often holding a staff of six rings, and/or the jewel of the Dharma. This is a classic little Jizo with both hands forming the gassho adoration mudra, complete with original dais, a distinct rarity. (For some reason, standing figurative Jizo, most of which begin life with an accompanying dais—typically a lotus-form dais, unlike the unusual rectangular dais accompanying this Jizo—seem to nearly always lose their original dais by the time they enter the market.) Overall green-tea lichen accumulation. Minor loss to the Jizo figure and moderate loss to the dais, which remains perfectly stable nonetheless. A Horeki 3 (1753) date appears on the Jizo's backside, making this a solidly mid-Edo Piece. Height, including dais, 32.0 cm. Height of Jizo figure only 27.5 cm. A totally charming piece, and my favorite from this shipment.   $1950