A kendi is a communal vessel for water.  You lift it by the neck and tilt it like a wineskin until the water pours into your mouth, making it a sanitary and portable water source.  They are used in ceremonies as well.  Researching it proved very difficult, as the history of these pieces is not known well.  In this particular style, they are found all over Southeast Asia, but not in China.  However, apparently the Chinese, who were skilled in ceramics, made them for export to Southeast Asia, although they were made locally as well.  I am guessing this is one of these.  It clearly has some age, and a lovely crackled glaze.  I am estimating it at 19th century, but one would need  TL testing to establish the exact age.  It stands  7 inches high and is 7 inches across.  A lovely charming piece.  $750